Game Maker Game Review Show

A video show that aims to review Game Maker creations has been launched. The first episode of Game Maker Game Review Show features the role-playing game Another Day In the Life of Bob by Polystyrene Man.

The review itself is a little over two minutes and comments briefly on just a few aspects of the game.


What do you think?

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  1. @Phil, @Danny:
    yeah, they probably didn’t have a script.
    I could say plenty of things about you too, but like you said, it’s best we not go down that road.
    Anyways, they kept arguing with each other, which was really old after a while.

  2. Its alright. If these guys are aiming for an informal show then I think they did a good job, actually. Look at popular channels on YouTube, you’ll find plenty of simple ones where the speaker – more often than not with an equally peculiar sense of humor – tackles a certain subject, and attracts plenty of subscribers.

    By saying this, I dont mean to praise the show, but simply reply to the previous comments: an informal show with this format CAN still succeed.

    As for this actual episode, I think the concept of a “game review” is misunderstood and must be radically rethought. (btw, this is a problem with the *vast majority* of the GMC, not just this show). A game review is thought of to be made of ratings mainly, and that shouldn’t be the case. From the show, I learnt that the graphics were good, the gameplay was good, music was annoying, but some cool sound effects here and there. Is this enough information to make me want to play the game? No.

    We tend to start by talking about individual categories without informing the listener/reader “what is the game”. Some simple outline that the authors can use is probably:

    – What IS the game
    – Type, general info, etc
    – How do you play, and what exactly is going on in the game
    – Ultimate objectives and goals (rescue a princess, walk around the city, collect coins to break a highscore, keep the sphere from falling for the longest possible period of time, etc)
    – Is it fun?
    – What are the best/strongest and dullest/weakest moments in the game?

    THEN, individual ratings.

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