Game Maker Game Review Show Episode 2

Coffee‘s Senseless War is the game reviewed in the second Game Maker Game Review show.  Sadly there is no audio from the game in the review.

Not sure if it is as good as the first episode but there is much more focus  on the chosen game.

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4 Replies to “Game Maker Game Review Show Episode 2”

  • This look pretty neat & simple 🙂 Pretty much room for improvement for graphics though. Good work guys!

  • You guys should cover more topics than just one game like I do in my review show ( but as NAL said the sound is like the mic was in Drywall

    The show was informal however but you guys really sounded like you didn’t know what you were going to say most of the time and kinda nervous, relax

  • I much preferred it to the first episode. Three things still put me off though – the audio quality (a lot of background noise and their voices sound like there’s a brick wall separating them and their mic), they seem to be looking at the monitor, not the camera, and there were still a few forced, awful jokes, most prominently at the end when the left guy was messing about, but also at the very start when they rementioned the alternative meaning of “GMGRS” – it needed burying ASAP.

    To be honest, I don’t think they need any unrelated-to-the-game speech at all. They could keep the show feeling casual simply by describing the game in a more relaxed manner.

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