Free upgrade to Game Maker 8 if you purchased Game Maker ANYTIME this year

If you purchased Game Maker 7 Pro this year you can have a free upgrade to Game Maker 8 Pro.

Writing today on the YoYo Games blog Sandy Duncan said “if you PAID for Game Maker 7 any time in 2009 we will be offering a free upgrade to Game Maker 8″.   YoYo Games’ original intention was to give customers who purchased the pro version of Game Maker 7 after June 1st this year a free upgrade Game Maker 8 pro. However, in what appears to be a very generous move, all purchases made in the previous five months will now also receive this bonus.

If you purchased an upgrade to Game Maker (5, 6 or 7) before the start of the year you will need to purchase Game Maker 8 Pro if you wish to make use extra features including particles, extension packages and additional actions.

What do you think?

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  1. The first week of may 2009 I registered GM7 for the pro version. The result: GM7 didn’t work. After 22 emails send to all emails addresses found in the confirmation email I never got an answer or response from the guys who sell GM7. So, there’s obviously no support for this program from the maker or reseller. They take your money and give a damn if it runs or not. How can people talk in this blog about a new version if the old version doesn’t run on windows Vista 64bit (and no support in getting it running?) and leaving the customer in the cold?
    That’s my experience with this program.

  2. Thats awesome, i have been messin around with GM7L for about a month and have been contemplating getting PRO until I saw that 8 was just around the corner. Now I can get it and not worry Y4M haha

  3. tuntis :Stop crying. You’ll be able to regain that 25$ (?) in no time with your high quality games!
    …Oh wait…

    Nah, hardcoregamer prefers freeware, right HCG? 🙂
    I am looking forward to Game Maker 8 now. I wasn’t very interested in it at first because GM7 was released so recently I assumed a new GM version was very far away. I am a little uncomfortable with the sprite system right now but after a little getting used too I’m sure I’ll find it more practical.

  4. well I guess its a high probability I will be using gm7 forever,lol. Also, I say, no one deserves a free copy then, if only 2009 gets it. ITs just some bs. people have upgraded from gm5 to gm7, but I can’t get one damn update from gm7 to gm8!

  5. @hardcoregamer:
    Here’s a thought: If you don’t want to have to pay, don’t buy GM8. YoYo is being generous as it is, they don’t have to let *anyone* have a free upgrade. It’s not like you bought a lifetime license to all Game Maker versions. You paid for version 7, you got version 7. Be happy.

    I’ll probably buy GM8. The new code and sprite editors are far better than past versions, and there is a significant speed increase.

  6. This is total bull crap! I bought gm 7 Pro in November! I think it is fair that anyone who bought gm7, period, not the free upgrades from gm5 and gm6, but ALL THE PEOPLE WHO BOUGHT GM7, should get gm8 for free.

  7. I’m constantly getting 20% and better speed improvements, comparing GM7 exes against GM8 Beta exes.

    Individual scripts running 30-50% faster. Games that maxed out at 400 fps now maxing at 500 fps. That alone is worth $20 bucks.

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