GMLive December 5th 2009 – Show Review

Earlier today GMLive broadcast their fifth Game Maker radio discussion.

Pinktards Online Worms

The show started with a group session of Worms clone PinkTards by Mordi which, although fun, didn’t really make for great radio even if I enjoyed killing the presenters.  I also question the wisdom of having such an event at the start of the show without first giving people a chance to download and get into the game.

Bendodge joined to discuss the Game Maker 8 logo with Josh and GMB’s NAL called in to defend the logo.  After a break more calls were taken including discussing the alternatives and “evolutions” of the logo posted at GMC.

Next up was NAL and myself shamelessly plugging our 2009 Community Awards which currently is open for nominations.  GMLive has been nominated several times for launch of the year.

Also discussed were Unity3D, Stasis which is either a Mario clone or a FPS (the hosts neglected to tell us what it was) and the recent announcement of the indefinite delay of Game Maker 7 for Mac.

The highest listener count I saw during the show was 18 and once again the show suffered technical problems with listeners reporting that some sections of the show broke up and were inaudible and Jono’s computer crashing.  These really need to be sorted out for future shows as well as getting rid of talk between the hosts as to what is coming next and who is calling in, although to be fair they seem to be able to get people on the air efficiently now.

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  1. Stasis, is by no means a Mario clone. I wish they would have done us some respect and posted a screenshot or two up there with Pinktards. It is an action shooter, but it would be considered to be in a sort of alpha phase since it is merely a tech demo, I suppose. All I can say is that you guys should try it out. We’re going to updating soon, too!


  2. Jonathan Martin :Some credit for sorting the problems out as best as i could?

    This reminds me of a problem that happened recently in my region. A cable company had some technical difficulties and blacked out their cable network during primetime television for about an hour where a finale to a very popular show was taking place. I don’t think anyone was crediting them for “fixing” the problems.

    Now to listen to the posted segment.
    *listens to the first 20 seconds*
    Nope..The quality is still as horrible as the last 4 episodes. Your content is great.. You just need to work on your audio quality.

  3. It wasn’t out for an hour, hand nobody missed any content.

    I don’t think there is anything i can do abount the quality. Its just skype. Though i am thinking about trying Ventrilo.

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