GMLive Topics, Crimelife 3, Paul Eres Interview

  • GMLive are broadcasting their next Game Maker radio discussion show tomorrow at 11am Eastern Time (4pm UK, time in your location).  Topics will include Climb to the Top of the Castle’s recent $10,000 victory and people moaning at the lack of a hammer in the new Game Maker logo.  The guest is Wyatt Best (bendodge) from Game Maker Tech magazine and formerly GMNews.
  • The Claw Project recently published an interview with Paul Eres. Studio Eres are the creators of the commercial Game Maker game Immortal Defense.  Paul talks about his upcoming creation Saturated Dreamers including the funding method he used.

3 Replies to “GMLive Topics, Crimelife 3, Paul Eres Interview”

  • Fingers crossed my internet will hold up this time round. I wouldn’t mind contributing to some of the topics being discussed, especially the new GM logo’s lack of a hammer. Well, provided it doesn’t turn into the hosts meaninglessly slagging off Zak’s design, as has been witnessed far, far too much recently.

  • The interview with Paul was very interesting. The fund raising system he used was also intriguing; Just a pity it’s only for Americans! His new game looks very promising.

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