10 Million Games Played at

The 41,000+ games uploaded at have now been played over 10,000,000 times in total.

Although this is a nice milestone figure for the site to reach the number of game plays per day has not increased over the past year.

Games played per day at

The game with the most plays by far remains sakisa‘s Crimelife 2 which has now been played nearly 300,000 times accounting for almost 3% of total game plays on the site.

What do you think?

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  1. You need to rename the topic. It says “10 Million Games Played at”. There aren’t 10 million games on their site 😛 I think there’s about 41,762.

    I think it should be “10 Million Game Plays at”
    But then again, what’s my opinion mean anyway.. *pfft*

  2. If you think about it, most people are probably going there just to play the games. Like, say you would at MiniClip or other free flash game sites.

    They probably have no need to sign up or login, as I’s assume there are more players than developers (the only one’s that really need to sign up).

  3. Mordi :What’s impressive here is the fact that there seem to be only 24 members out of 2834 people people browsing the site as of right now. Could be a bug by YoYoGames’ site designers. Either way impressive.

    Some people may or may not agree with me, but here is why I personally don’t log in into YYG.
    1. The “Remember me” only “remembers” you for a few days before logging you out again. They should make you permanently logged in, if that is checked.
    2. There is absolutely no benefit to logging in, except that you can comment on games.

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