64digits hacked – don’t visit the site

Everyone’s favourite Game Maker community site, 64 digits, has been hacked.  If you have followed GameMaker Blog for any length of time you probably know that I despise the site and their constant hackings, admin fallings out, infighting and general order of chaos.  This is just a warning that you should not visit the site unless you want to see something truly disgusting.  If you really must make sure your speakers are turned down (and it is porn).

If you want to know what it is without visiting see this definition on Urban dictionary.  Young innocent minds stay away – you have been warned!

Thanks Fox USA for the tip.

12 Replies to “64digits hacked – don’t visit the site”

  • I don’t believe it was hacked. They probably just said it was to make an excuse for still having the site down. and if they really were I’m glad. It was just a den of spammers and flamers and staff that break of their own rules making complete fools of themselves.

  • It’s not coming back? God, what the fuck is wrong with the people at that site? It’s like they purposely tried to run it into the ground.

  • I wondered why nothing was showing up yesterday. Thank goodness for cellphone browsing! FSX’s note is back now, so things should be okay.

    Give the guys a break about the site’s downtime. None of us know the whole story, but it sounds like there’s been technical difficulty, and FSX has been detained by real life things; surely all of us can relate?

    @James Rhodes: I think we killed off most of our users long before “all this nonsense”. The site was real quiet in the months leading up to the server change. =)

  • Why keep the speakers down? “You Spin Me Round” by Dead or Alive is a great song (weird music video though)! Granted… they kind of ruined it for me a little with this but… yah…

  • Yeah, I wanted to check the site, and left the tab open, because I thought that fsx had some sort of a flash video (right-clicking was the give away) and then about 10 minutes after, I just hear this weird music, and, yeah, very disturbing and scary.

    Very happy for dial-up for once 😉 .

    I wonder when the site WILL be back up…it might remain like this forever – hopefully 64D doesn’t go down there. Although I did get very bored of it a couple of months before it went down…

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