YoYoGames.com gets a makeover

The YoYoGames website has changed, featuring a slightly altered layout. According to the YYG “glog”, there still are a few bugs on the site: We know there are still one or two bugs, but I took the decision to go ahead and deploy since most of you will have more time to use the site at the weekend. I personally think that the changes made to the layout are great. What do you think?

YYG/GMPedia wiki merge now official

YoYo Games have announced that the rumoured merge between their wiki and GMPedia, a community project by GMking is now official. Earlier, the GMking blog confirmed the merge. All 600 articles from the original GMpedia wiki will be migrated onto the YoYo Games wiki. This also includes articles not related to Game Maker, but computer programming in general.

C++ Runner enters "very private beta"

Today’s “glog” post brings news: the long-awaited C++ runner is apparently entering “very private beta”. And the obligatory YYG rant: they actually got something done!? Bad news on the Mac front, though: On the other hand we’ve hit a barrier with teh [sic] Lazarus toolset on the Mac version and made very  little progress since I last updated you. Oh, and something else to discuss about: We’ve really done this work as a start of Read more…

YoYo Games: what would make the website much better

I’m not quite satisfied with the YoYoGames.com website: it certainly is lacking in many, many directions. And it has been having numerous of stability problems in the last month. I have written a complete list of necessary improvements to YYG.com, for everybody. I will divide these arguments into multiple categories: “Profile” and “Gaming”. Profile will contain criticism on the profile & user system of the site. Gaming will contain more criticism on the gaming section Read more…