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YYG/GMPedia wiki merge now official

GMPedia logoYoYo Games have announced that the rumoured merge between their wiki and GMPedia, a community project by GMking is now official. Earlier, the GMking blog confirmed the merge. All 600 articles from the original GMpedia wiki will be migrated onto the YoYo Games wiki. This also includes articles not related to Game Maker, but computer programming in general.

Other changes include layout tweaks, removal of adverts from the YYG wiki, and relicensing all content under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 license.

“As some observant users might already have noticed, we have merged the GMPedia Wiki into the YoYo Games Wiki. I am very excited about this. The SysOps of GMPedia have agreed to become SysOps of the YoYo Games Wiki. YoYo Games is very happy that they are willing to put their previous work and future energy into turning this Wiki into a place where developers can find all they need to know about the use of Game Maker. I hope you will all support us in the quest.”

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