YYG Wiki and GMPedia to merge?

In a move which looks like it could be the start of an integration of gmpedia articles into the recently relaunched YoYo Games Wiki, the administrators from gmpedia have had accounts created on YoYo Games’ Wiki – retaining their admin privileges. However there has been no official acknowledgement of this by either YYG or GMKing.

GMPedia recently surpassed the 600 article mark having completed the integration of articles from the GameMaker Knowledge Base.

What do you think?

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  1. “Diverting traffic away from their main source of income? I’m shocked YYG hadn’t thought of that already.”

    If all YYG is willing to do is clone community projects and profit from them and their horrible “YouTube for games” website, I’m very concerned for Game Maker’s future, and so should you.

  2. “Timoi: I really like how you missed a point I made in my previous comment about the activity of the wiki.” – Well actually if look at the post times, I was writing a comment at the same time as you, you must have posted seconds before me. About the activety dieing down, even if it does die down a bit, it’ll still be more active than GMPedia ever was.

    “What I would like to see would be YYG actively promoting community websites about Game Maker instead.” – Diverting traffic away from their main source of income? I’m shocked YYG hadn’t thought of that already.

  3. Timoi: I really like how you missed a point I made in my previous comment about the activity of the wiki.

    Now, I suggest you go read it. If YYG wants to be the “YouTube of games”, they don’t want to alienate every community project into their own flawed implementation. I believe in community projects [“community content” isn’t restricted to the games uploaded to the site, see?] much more than anything created by YYG, and I’m sure that a lot of people agree. What I would like to see would be YYG actively promoting community websites about Game Maker instead.

  4. “the community has already created and actively collaborated on” – In the past month GMPedia has had 18 edits, the YYG wiki has had more than 500 in the past 2 weeks alone. I wouldn’t call GMPedia active by any means.

    If GMKing are indeed merging, then well done to them for not being selfish and realising that by combining with the official GM wiki they’re able to help a far greater number of people. Just no press releases please.

  5. The wiki did not really “exist” in its previous form. Why even start a wiki? Not only is it a bad idea because there’s already numerous more professional wikis made by the community, it only adds more to YYG’s account hell: why have 1 account when you can have 1 for the main site, 1 for the forums, 1 for the blog and one for the wiki!

    YYG can’t create anything worthwhile. And I’m pretty sure they’re going to let their “wiki” rot, assuming that the community will handle everything. But instead, you’ll have a lot of people contributing for a few days. And then it dies down, forever. Also, I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell don’t like reading text from a wiki with a font size of, what, 9px?

  6. In response to Tuntis’ comment; YoYo Games already has the services which (as you stated) they created despite existing services. To that extent, the YoYo Wiki is here to stay; so perhaps being actively improved by the community (especially the people who already have a good wiki) will be a good thing. You say they need to fix and improve the problems with their website; wouldn’t that be the purpose of trying to get more (and better) content on the wiki from individuals who have already shown that they have the ability to maintain a good service?

  7. I really like how YYG strives to pursue cloning projects that the community has already created and actively collaborated on, alienating them, instead of focusing on fixing the numerous problems with their website (people are basically flooding others’ comment pages and PM inboxes with simple scripts) and actually focusing on developing the goddamn C++ runner/whatever the hell they’re supposed to working on?

    I’m even more disappointed how GMking gave in to this piece of shit “company”.

  8. We didnt “give in” to anything. First of all, we werent pressured by anyone to do anything. As you will come to see in the coming days, any merge will only occur after the YYG reform in the wiki department is complete; you will see changes that will reflect this.

    GMking doesnt agree with YoYo Games, but we understand they are the “center” of the community. Our goal for GMpedia is to be a centralized source of information for GMers. That is why we did a lot of merges before, including sites such as the GM Knowledge Base. Now, we can either be selfish and forget about the community and just want to have ‘something of our own’, or we can jump in for the better good of the community and “relocate” if you will to a real “center” and provide the content we want for the large audience we want. This isnt about companies. I dont care for YoYo Games, never have, never will, I care for the GMC and I know they will benefit from this.

    Also, not to sound cool, but we are doing this on our own terms, some of which I’m quite surprised YYG accepted. We will be discussing this in time.

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