GM Cast Website Launched

GM Cast, the GameMaker TV show created to rival the popular and successful GMking project GameMaker TV, have launched their website. Details have also been given regarding the contents of their first video due which is due to be released on November 1st.

* We Have an Interview with the creator, and Owner of GMWeekly
* a 3-way Gm-Game Deathmatch,
* a review of ‘Flash Dll’ written by GMREC1111,
* and MUCH MUCH more!

Unlike GMTV who host their videos themselves, GM-Cast appear to be using to host their videos – a very short test piece is currently online. However GM-Cast have already received a cease and desist letter and must therefore change their name, and hopefully their spelling – “Your add here! [sic]”.

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  1. Actually we are not necessarily merging. Caniac originally wanted to be apart of GMTV and then there was some disagreement and he decided to make his own show. Now I guess everything is settled and Caniac is back with us.

    Also yes, since our move to the Gmking servers, we have been using to host our videos but we do use our one player to stream off of their servers.

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