C++ Runner enters "very private beta"

Today’s “glog” post brings news: the long-awaited C++ runner is apparently entering “very private beta”. And the obligatory YYG rant: they actually got something done!?

Bad news on the Mac front, though:

On the other hand we’ve hit a barrier with teh [sic] Lazarus toolset on the Mac version and made very  little progress since I last updated you.

Oh, and something else to discuss about:

We’ve really done this work as a start of our program to have Game Maker apps running on other platforms.

Begin the speculation?

What do you think?

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  1. They use runner data so they can eaily have debug messages with a massive drop in performance.
    If it actually compiled they wouldn’t have to create GM in 3 totally different development tools 3 times. =/
    Suprised YYG got anything done seriously it’s being soo long. Ive been a GM user since GM 4 and YYG has done nothing but screw things up (Softcrap) and diminish constant updates. (I have been rather angry at softcrap for poor service)

  2. C++ runner for other platforms? Hmmm seems a bit premature if they are not optimising the code for better performance – A little different statement to the one made a few months back by Yoyo?

    Mac running into problems? Im not supprised, thats what happens when freeware products are used for a commercial product. Thats why the pro packages charge so much.

    Anyway all these dreams of other platforms are a little bit irrelevant anyway, youre going to have to do some modding of most consoles even if there was a GM variant for them, and for the record, anyone with dreams of a Linux version of GM really doesnt need to bother. GM does run under Wine 1.0.0 (ive been testing it due to a few emails I have recieved), Ive done a little review on another blog but I will be further testing it and reporting any bugs.

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