GameMaker Studio 2 adding C# region type syntax code folding soon

GameMaker Studio 2 Code Folding Code folding is a pretty simple concept: Condense multiple lines of code into one line that can be expanded again when needed; it keeps large code files neat and clean while allowing a developer to still read over the general logic flow. How you implement code folding, on the other hand, can make or break the entire user experience. Don’t believe me, just look at how upset Mike Dailly gets Read more…

Cavern Kings Raises $14,751 On Kickstarter

Cavern Kings by Vine has raised $14,751 on the popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter. The game itself is an infinite action platform inspired by the likes of indie titles Super Crate Box and Risk of Rain, both of which were also built using the GameMaker engine. Cavern Kings features randomized levels and creatures, and an excessive amount of explosions.

Enumeration Finally Added To GameMaker Studio

A recent Early Access build has introduced C-style enumeration to GameMaker Studio, an overdue feature that will be welcomed by veteran coders. Enumerations consist of named integer constants called “members” or “enumerators”. An example is shown below.

C++ Runner enters "very private beta"

Today’s “glog” post brings news: the long-awaited C++ runner is apparently entering “very private beta”. And the obligatory YYG rant: they actually got something done!? Bad news on the Mac front, though: On the other hand we’ve hit a barrier with teh [sic] Lazarus toolset on the Mac version and made very  little progress since I last updated you. Oh, and something else to discuss about: We’ve really done this work as a start of Read more…