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Game Maker creator Mark Overmars has launched YoYo Games Studios at the Dutch Game Garden in Utrecht, Netherlands.

YoYo Games Studios is part of the main YoYo Games Ltd company which focuses on supporting game developers who want to create Game Maker games. Services are provided for free so long as you agree to publish the finished title commercially through YoYo Games.

YoYo Games Studios is not open to all, acceptance is based on your background, experience in game development, the type of game you plan to make, other members of your team (if any) and the state of the game development.

The website states “we work with a limited number of selected teams of external developers. We give regular feedback on the design of the game, with an eye on the possibilities and limitations of the platforms. We answer technical questions regarding the Game Maker software. We can help form development teams. And we provide test builds of the games. We also handle the contacts with YoYo Games Publishing to guarantee publication of your games.”

As there has not yet been any official announcement it is unclear how YoYo Games Studios fits in with the companies general publishing agreements to which the general public should be able to apply early this month.

YoYo Games are supposed to be making an announcement tomorrow…

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    • Sell licences to the software like unity does. They should work really hard on GM itself, but if you want to publish on Android or iOS you have to buy a $150+ licence to do so, and then you do it yourself. This current method is a strange publishing platform that only appeals to kids with good ideas and no business sense to carry them out – which is a fine model to have for a company with a majority audience like YYG, but not having the self-publishing option available (to other platforms, I mean) turns a blind eye to all the experienced GM users. I feel like if they keep heading in this direction all the GM experts will leave to something else by the time they get good enough to make anything commercial. For instance, I’m considering moving to PyGame and programming my games in Python later, because the future of GM is too murky and I don’t know the direction it’s headed of if it’s even going there anytime soon – I just hope they release the faster C++ runner to us ASAP (the current runner is awful for things like memory management, as we’ve heard everybody say before). That may change my mind, at least for a little while. 😉

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