First Impression Feedback – #02 Skelattack

by: Dave_Draws    Are you tired of being the dungeon “hero“? Killing innocent Skeletons without getting to know them? To understand a Skeleton, you must become one! Defend your dungeon! Oh, and you have a pet Bat, how cute! What is this, and what is that… and where are my pants?!

Game Review – Spelunky

Spelunky by Derek Yu is a 2D side-scrolling roguelike with an emphasis on exploration. You may already be familiar with the more recent Steam, XBLA, and PSN releases of Spelunky, but it originally started as a small, pixel art freeware endeavor made with GameMaker. For the uninitiated, Spelunky is a game about an eponymous spelunker searching for treasure deep in the earth.