Days offline

At 64digits “small server troubles” means several days offline because a member uploaded a malicious program. Hopeless. GameMakerTech look like they may resort to splitting up a huge tutorial – not really magazine content IMO. GameMakerBlog is doomed.

63rd in the chart

Those 64 digit songs are rubbish. So guess what, I decided to make my own one, based on Akon’s “Smack That”, which isn’t my kind of music at all. Anyway, here it is: Hack That 64 Obviously the low quality is all down the the compression and not a combination of bad singing, background noise and hurried editing.

64th in the charts….

64digits have taken a break from being hacked (for a couple of days at least – the latest case being a previous staff member,) to make a song. What is the world coming to? If you really want you can listen to three versions of “Still Alive” being sung which include the phrase ’64digits’. A break from the downtime at least.

In other news

It’s more deserving of the YoYo name than the GameMaker owners, it’s 64digits. On the fourth the site was taken down because a member had found an exploit, again. Sadly it is now back online.