64th in the charts….

64digits have taken a break from being hacked (for a couple of days at least – the latest case being a previous staff member,) to make a song. What is the world coming to? If you really want you can listen to three versions of “Still Alive” being sung which include the phrase ’64digits’.

A break from the downtime at least.

What do you think?

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  1. Lol, 64Digits drama is like watching one of those “Soap” shows. I got an idea!, get Weird Al Yankovic to sing a song about 64D. Lets sit back.. grab some popcorn and see what happens next…

  2. oh and Ive just listened to the song……..thats got to be the singarly most tragic thing Ive ever heard in my life….it is a joke…..isnt it?
    It reminds me of one of the bad Pop Idol contestants right at the beginning of the series…

  3. Im not one for GM, but for reasons stated elsewhere I find myself embroiled in your world for a bit….

    The 64digits is alot better than yoyo and it gives a better image of GM…however…..this hacking thing absolutely stinks of being a “work” meaning that its creating a hacking drama to get popularity….just my opinion….

I’m Scared!

63rd in the chart