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I’m Scared!

Earlier this week an invitation appeared in my PM inbox at the GMC asking if I could review “I’m scared!” by JW Productions. I haven’t reviewed many games recently, but figured I would give it a go.

Horror House Small

The screenshots looked good. The startup screen, menu and game room looked good. And amazingly for a Game Maker game there was actually an interesting story. But then after just a short amount of play time the inevitable happened.

action number 1
of Draw Event
for object matrix:Trying to use non-existing surface.

I didn’t get past the first level.

The idea of the game (or at least level 1) is to dodge pink and yellow particles which fly on to the screen from three sides. A simple enough idea, presented well with good graphical effects and a simple non-distracting background. Green particles can be collected to give you points.

I found the first level a little hard (as did others at YYG) – and after I had to abort the game on the third occasion because of errors, I really lost the will to try and play the game anymore. Which is a shame, as it is a very good looking game. Too bad the programming doesn’t match.



Added: 19 January 2008
By: jwproductions

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