TheGMRace finalists receive prizes

on December 21, 2007 - 1762 Views

TheGMRace Prizes sent out

TheGMRace, the Game Maker competition run by the MarkUp and GameMakerTech Magazines has dispatched prizes to the five finalists. Competition administrator Eyas Sharaiha said “the packages were sent days earlier by Robin, so the winners should expect something from Canada pretty soon.”

There is still time to vote for your favourite game – which will earn its creator a domain name and cPanel hosting for 2 years and two PC games from a selection.

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3 Responses to TheGMRace finalists receive prizes

  1. Ben says:

    Yes they are, and thankyou, I received mine yesterday… or the day before. 😛 Either way it works great.

  2. gmjab says:

    Hey, those are the same USB sticks I use.

  3. Eyas says:

    Heh, mine too. They’re pretty good.. well, I personally can’t tell a difference, but that’s what I hear 😀

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