Indie Game Mag – Issue 9 – Copyright

on February 21, 2010 - 8376 Views

Received an e-mail today advising me that issue 9 (March-April) of the commercial Indie Game Mag had been released and was available to download.

One change since the last edition – they have changed their re-use message from a Creative Commons license that enabled anyone to freely share the magazine to a copyright statement.  As FredFredrickson commented on our previous post this was “probably an oversight on their part”.  Pretty amusing but the article seems to have bought the issue to their attention.

The publication recently released a $0.99 iPhone App but subscriptions are now back to their normal prices (~$3.30 an issue).

You can download/discuss the previous edition of Indie Game Mag (released under Creative Commons license) here.

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5 Responses to Indie Game Mag – Issue 9 – Copyright

  1. Isla Watson says:

    China is one big country that does not even respect international copyrights -`;

  2. SquareWheel says:

    I can barely read it, nevermind pay for it.

  3. Loaf says:

    I actually quite liked it. And I’d pay for it if they included more content.

  4. turboRamble says:

    Off topic; I just want to point out it says on the footer “Copyright © 2007-2009 GameMaker Blog” instead of 2010. Just thought you might want to know 😉

    How good would you say the magazine is? I’m considering getting it.


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