RekameMag releases second issue

on June 30, 2010 - 2774 Views

The second issue of Andrew McCluskey’s RekameMag has been released.  Contributions from other Game Maker users (and Rebecca Clare Smith) are alongside those written by Andrew.

Thankfully after a pain-inducing front cover in the launch issue the abstract design included in this issue has been toned down.

Dan Fornace discusses approaches to multiplayer gaming, Andrew looks at the various forms of Internet media which we have seen used to convey information about Game Maker and Rebecca takes a look at Game Maker from the outside and reaches the same conclusions as many of us seasoned community members.

There is also a look at the various forums Game Maker users socialise in, an interview with yours truly, 4 game reviews by Andrew and @Alex@, another interesting puzzle and some interesting Game Maker related album art.

It’s well worth a read. Download .pdf (8.3MB) UUL Mirror (left click only)

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  4. nikc-nack says:

    Pretty good!
    A little short, but it was very well put together.

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