Rekame Mag – Issue 3, Autumn 2010

Rekame Mag 3 CoverAndrew McCluskey has released the third issue of Rekame Mag. The issue is the first since June and the first to be published whilst Andrew has been working at YoYo Games.

Much of the content was discussed in GMTalk 4 as was the reason for the long gap between issues.

View Rekame Mag 3 (8.3MB PDF)


  • Quick write-ups on 30 games entered into the sixth YoYo Games competition which Andrew enjoyed. All three of the prize-winning games were included in the list with two of Andrew’s top three picks also receiving accolades from YoYo Games. This issue was delayed until the results were announced since he was a judge.
  • The Power of 2 – How making a sequel to your game could be a good move
  • Your game is like a drug – Making your games as addictive as possible
  • Ted Lauterbach (rotten_tater) interview
  • Reviews of Cool Dog, Virus, Katamari Kazoku and Tower 3 (GMB review, whoops on the duplication front!)

Another well-done issue.  More please!

Previous issues: Rekame Mag 2Rekame Mag 1

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