This is Indie – Issue 4

on November 24, 2010

This is Indie - Game Maker Magazine issue 4The fourth issue of the high-gloss This is Indie magazine has been released.

It’s not exactly up-to-date given that the first article mentions that former GMC administrator KC LC stood down from her position. In August. The second news piece is on Dustforce‘s $100,000 success in the IndiePub Games contest. There is very little focus on Game Maker, although This is Indie is not solely a Game Maker magazine it reports on Game Maker more than other development communities.

There are articles showcasing different game development engines, adverts for adverts, a single short game review and a couple of general articles.   The cover for some reason features a recursive QR code.

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7 Responses to This is Indie – Issue 4

  1. The QR code is a link to a webpage with the issue’s description. (to anyone wondering)

  2. And that is needed on the front cover of the magazine why? You’ve got to be reading it to see it.

  3. Philip Gamble :
    Last weekend I got a new phone and have enjoyed making use of a barcode scanner app scanning barcodes on books, boxes etc in my room – even generating my own QR codes instead of using short URLs. < /sad but true >

    I don’t think is sad, it’s normal liking to mess around with technology that we saw years ago in science fiction movies. I did the same. :P

  4. xot says:

    I didn’t read the whole thing. I thought the formatting of the editorial on page 3 was really bizarre. The article about GMC changes was more or less factually correct, although nothing about the GMC template was made more blue than it already was. If anything, these blue features will be removed at some point. FredFredrickson was responsible for the changes to the banner, and Mike Dailly was also instrumental in enabling some of the changes.

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