2010: Game Maker Year in Numbers

on January 1, 2011 - 3476 Views

Game Maker Numbers 2010

Photo credit: numbers by procsilas. (cc)

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5 Responses to 2010: Game Maker Year in Numbers

  1. Bugaham says:

    This is a really neat way to reflect on what has happened in 2010! Except, yoyogames technically has 11 apps published if you count the lite version of They Need To Be Fed. 😉 The 50% one is really impressive, and I’m glad there isn’t very many downloads on the decompiler. And the 75k is really amazing, hopefully those people will check out some of Yoyo’s other games.

  2. I like how the numbers increase down the list.

  3. I’m most impressed by:

    “50% — proportion of IndieGames.com’s top Indie Games of 2010 made using Game Maker”

    Surprised the decompiler has so few downloads though.

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