Fx 3.0.1 – No Instant Play (+ solution)

After making their Instant Play plugin compatible with version 3 of Firefox I don’t expect YoYo will be pleased to see that there has been a new version of Firefox released – version 3.0.1.

Lack of YYG updates brings open letter

GameMaker Community member Dr. Watz0n has posted an open letter to YoYo Games on his blog. The letter states his frustrations with the lack of updates provided by YoYo Games and the broken promises that they have made to users of their GameMaker software.


The ignorance of some members at the GMC never ceases to amaze me. In the past two days I have come across as many posts promoting websites which look terrible in Firefox based browsers. This alone is forgivable, just. But since the creators of these sites are fully aware that their site does not display correctly in Firefox and don’t seam to be prepared to do anything about it they are certainly loosing my custom Read more…