I love gmplanet

When Robin Monk’s Game Maker news aggregator service, gmplanet, was first released I was skeptical at the effect it would have on content producing Game Maker websites. I also feared that GameMaker.info, a customisable Game Maker startpage which I was a big fan of, would be damaged.

The GMPlanet Effect

A month on from the launch of game maker news aggregator gmplanet I have decided to examine if it has had an effect on GameMaker Blog’s traffic levels as I feared it may. In January one of GameMakerBlog.com’s top referrers, gamemaker.info, sent 114 visits our way. In February however this reduced to just 43 visits, plus 18 visits from the new gmplanet. I’m not sure why there was such a large decrease in the amount Read more…

GMPlanet Dilemma

A few days ago saw the launch of GMPlanet a, unusually commercial, GMKing project. The basic premise of the site is of an aggregator. In effect the site brings together game maker news from lots of sites and displays it all in one place making it easy for users of the software to see what is going on. This isn’t the first time that a site has tried to do this for GameMaker. There is Read more…

Days offline

At 64digits “small server troubles” means several days offline because a member uploaded a malicious program. Hopeless. GameMakerTech look like they may resort to splitting up a huge tutorial – not really magazine content IMO. GameMakerBlog is doomed.