Just a little MMORPG

Oh yes. A real community issue 🙂

I have make 1 client and 1 server.
in order to let people play to the game 24/24h, i’ve spend a little of money (10$ each month) to get a “professional” server. i’ve upload my gm server program on it, then i open it and first error : it was made with GM6 and a server have no grafic and sound card ! So i wasn’t able to run it.
After some few time, i get the idea to try to rewritte it for gm5 and surprised ! Yes ! That work ! So the server seem ok, then i tryed to run the client and great ! All work great.
So i diceded to close the page of my server and let run my gm program on it, with also the program calc.exe (=the calculator of windows). But when i close this page, this seems to close also the GM program : the client can’t connect. So i go on my server, and the GM program is close (it doesn’t run anymore) while the calc.exe program, is always running.

The calc.exe program is just to show you that my server doesn’t shutdown at any time.
The the problem is : when i exit the control page of a server, GM program is stop (while others exe can continu to run).

Someone now what’s wrong pleaze ?
In the futur, we will try to rewritte the server in C or other, but not now… And i think it’s interesting to understand why GM do that…

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