GMTV Finally Out

So, GameMaker TV is finally here.

The reception at the GMC appears to be pretty even, there are some shortcomings and disappointments (why do people get their hopes up so high?), but there also appear to be quite a large group of people who were pleasantly surprised with the result.

As for my opinion? Well I’m glad Danny finally got something out. The background music, which may well be from the featured games, is irritating and distracts and sometimes drowns out the commentary. I didn’t also expect the episode nor individual reviews to be so long. You can’t really judge much from just one episode but after 2 or 3 episodes are out I think we will be able to see whether or not this can become a long term community resource. Then of course we will be inundated with copycat services. Joy.

As Danny said “The end of the year is almost over…. “

What do you think?

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  1. @mrsmes

    mrsmes, I have gotten my Microsoft programmers to create a new virus… one that will be able to get through your defenses. I also know your so-called “secret plan.” Remember, I have billions of dollars, and you are just some poor kid from Australia. You won’t be able to beat me.

  2. @BILL G8S XD UR V REAL LOSER HERE, I won’t tell u but your company has weaknesses and I Know all of them and with one successful project I can bring down your entire company and buy it up, all u r is bluff, bluff, soon I’ll buy up ur company, and take over and have u working for me, and yes even have all the other companies world wide owned by me and working for me, let me put it this way BILL G8S surrender now and give in and let me, become executive and patch up all of the worlds problems and your problems and u can c a world that is 100% perfect in every way, there is a formula but I alone know it no one else, and yet it is the simplest of formulas even a 2 year old could work it out, and here u still r trying to work it out, and I know it and I just have to be 18 and then I am ready to buy ur company and stop the Missile yes a successful friend of mine got a blue print of it from ur so called “Secure Data Base” and all, hack poof fire wall, and yes we know what ur up to and it’s evil but launching the Missile in 20012 is not the answer to make the world a better place, but I won’t give my secret away to the formula of success you realize by surrendering, you r allowing me complete entire permanent control over Microsoft, and accept this, but let’s call it our little treaty to join the companies together but oops, I forgot ur to dumb, and even with marketing and wouldn’t know a good deal even if it came behind your back and smashed you into the wall, of your mansion made from gambling and cheating and bribing the way up, it’s all u ever did, but you will be found out and caught sooner or l8r and there are even facts about this in books in high schools, and I am just 2 years away from bringing you down in your company and having it P W N E D…

  3. Mrsmes are you stupid or do you not understand English?
    Your rant about being illegal, is as silly as you are.
    How can you have a legal contract with anyone, when the majority of users are under 12? and even if such a thing existed, what possible law are you talking about?

    You havent read the posts by the markup chaps. They dont want you posting work. We can only understand about 1/2 of what you type.

    You say your game candy crunch is going to take the world by storm, if thats the case Ill throw away my PC. Its godawful. You have a skill in drag and drop? I dont think so.

  4. I will considder your comments leif and eyas to be something that goes into the articles at Mark Up and they won’t be pleased to find out your actually against them all along. This is great! Ill come back here! that’s where your wrong we have had just about enough of you and are ready to report your little group to the cops for violating the agreement between you and yoyogames the agreement clearly stated that you had to place games made in game maker only and that is when you upload them and we have all the proof you gave us right here on this blog there is no backing out of it and i know where the agreement page is and can pin point out the very position it says that in the agreement… you not only mocked gm but you also violated the law and you called us lame so see you in court pal(psarchasm about the pal thing your no pal to me after the way you just insulted people eho use game maker).

  5. when i said doubt i meant doubt you ever will.. i also said that it takes pages and pages of code and well let’s face it that’s a lot larger then the code used to make gm and so it can do functions and scrypts and your worst fear beeing d&d so i am sure you will turn in from coding and join the stronger side which is for ever expanding.

  6. So you think i don’t try and i don’t actually put effort into my games well i have already completed all my bug fixes and finally got ready to take in ideas and actually implement them and make a awesome game which is a really simple 2d classic coming along which a lot of people are starting too like and if you think that effort like that could be done in less lines of code or actions gm uses boy i would love to see you try and struggle and give into code and finnally turn over to gm and try doing it in a way hat takes less lines of code which i doubt you never will because actually coding it takes pages and pages of code and it can get exausting…

  7. Lief, just seen your games…, if i known the type of crap you had made I wouldnt have even bothered replying to you in the first place.

    Its bad enough you release crap, but when its crap thats been released with gm you have no excuse. At least crime life touched on some vaguely advanced features. You, youre beneath contempt.

  8. First off lief, its a rant at lamerz such as yourself. The purpose was to insult belittle, I would not spend the time nor the effort to ensure my spelling was correct on a site such as this.

    Secondly I might actualy agree with something you said, when you said kids would be able to write something in gm better. Thats sorta true, i cannot hardcode a mp3 music routine myself (i have very little knowlege in regards to playback of mp3 through my own c routines) GM’r on the otherhand can do it with one command, so thats hardly a challenge is it? Real code (C++) would take pages and pages to achieve the same thing. So if the challenge was to make a mp3 player, Im sure a GM lamer could do better.

    Games are not just a case of drag and drop, with a few lines of mickey mouse gml. The real world is alot different.

    What finer points of gml are we talking about? bump mapping? rainbow shading? how about direct memory adressing? no i didnt think so.

    qoute: “I’d be willing to wager many of the “kids” programming in GML could outdo any game you could design in C++.” – lol yes m8, im sure you would.

    I think ill come back here again, you guys are better than the people who post games on the yoyo site!

    Please reply. lol

  9. Wow… Sounds like some “C++ using adult” dosn’t know anything about software or the computer sciences. First of all, yes, GM is often used by people who have trouble with C++ and it’s a great introduction to programming, I suppose you were never a beginner however, lots of people came out of the womb programming, and they’re all 40 and living with their mothers. However, many people use it simply because it is a very powerful scripting language or, to test code easily before deploying it in a compiled language such as C++.

    And for the record, I counted over 22 typos in your comment (not counting your username). Not that I’m not being hypocritical (sp?) or anything 🙂 I can’t spell worth anything.

    By the way, how old are you? 8-10? We “adults” especially those who do have knowledge of C++ would like to expect more of (my voice isn’t dripping with sarcasm) someone SO experienced in the computer sciences.

    Now granted, I’m no professional and am still learning the finer points of GML and C++ myself, but I’d be willing to wager many of the “kids” programming in GML could outdo any game you could design in C++.

    My little rant :),
    – Leif

  10. Leif, this is worth a standing ovation. “I suppose you were never a beginner however, lots of people came out of the womb programming, and they’re all 40 and living with their mothers”, “And for the record, I counted over 22 typos in your comment (not counting your username). Not that I’m not being hypocritical (sp?) or anything 🙂 I can’t spell worth anything.”… I mean,, classic!!

  11. and dont forget GM is used by people who cant code of all ages. dont think my above post was biggin up pascal/delphi as that is lame aswell.

    C++ rulez you’ll never get it , you’ll never use it and us C++’rs that code as adults will always be laughing…..

    Crime life 2…….lol what rubbish!

    A nice little tip for all ya lamerz out there when your next wetting yourselves in excitement at an “amazing” piece of GM work…………………IT MAY BE FAKE….At PhaQ we have a few little treats we will be releasing on yoyogames…..i bet you guys will fall for em…..written in c++ imitating GM…..youre gonna love it.


  12. I uploaded 4 banners, but there all different, so I hope there are no problems there.

    @Phil – Is it possible for you to remove some of his banners, or have a rule that the banners must be different, since its not the best looking banner, and its normally shown alot – as Robin point out.

  13. “GameMaker is only for young kids”

    It is. No ifs no buts. Before anyone starts banging on about the dire GML and its lame executable system, why not just use Delphi/Pascal?

    Those that can code, code. Those that cant use GM.
    A simple bouncing ball .exe in GM = 1.2mb approx. I can code that in an .exe at about 30k approx (probably alot less) mind you its fun visiting the yoyo site to have a look at the thousands of deluded people who think their software is good and that they have talent.

    lol – keep me laughing lamers.

  14. @tuntis – I think having multiple banners for one site is ok, espically has people display the ad script in many different ways, so this increases the chance of your banner being seen, which I believe is the whole point of the system.

  15. Um……..I think it’s about time people were a bit more realistic. For example, I see three GMTV banners at once in the GMA rotation right now. I suspect they cheated.

    Overall, I feel this GMTV (among other things) is making the GMC look very immature. I don’t think that’s something we want to market to people… “GameMaker is only for young kids”…”GMC is overrun with young kids so you can’t get anything ‘done’ in the community”, etc.

    Marking toward younger audiences is fine, but when you send messages that gm isn’t for more experienced people, you cut off your primary target audience.


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