“Any ideas in mind [for MarkUp issue 9]?”
“mrsmes as guest editor! [another poster]”
“so what do i need to do as a guest editor?
i would like to help out and be a guest editor but first i need to know what it is that i’ll be doing ok sounds great super then just tell me what it is that i must do… [mrsmes]”

He’s a troll. He can’t be real. Seriously.

In other news, I think I’ve gotten into a flamewar with this guy somewhere else!

What do you think?

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  1. look i may be smart in the area of drag and drop but i am still learning i will help anyone who asks me for it as i am starting my compainy with employees wihc will be the lead and for the future i would also like to get ideas on how to improve candy crunch please just one so it can take the injustry by storm and bee the market leader in world of games after nailog betrayed me i will tell yoyo that secret and the microsoft will be crushed for ever and that will show nailog and make sorry that he ever betrayed me,.

  2. “He’s a troll. He can’t be real.”

    I disagree. I think he’s just really stupid. He’s said he’s autistic so maybe it’s that.

    I don’t cover mrsmes’s MarkUp obsession enough on my blog, which has 31 posts on him in it. And the flame-war between you and “this guy” (and yes it is definitely him).

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