in Episode 2

Bored at Christmas? The Christmas themed Epsiode 2 of Danny’s has been released.

To quote Danny “it isn’t very good but it’s not the worst thing you can find”, and I agree. It is an improvement on the first episode, however I’m not sure that a TV show is the best way to present the kind of information that Danny gets across in this video.

What do you think?

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  1. Yay GM TECH was advertised in it again, I think there are still room for many changes, however its how we all start. Someone was suggesting that the show was added to the ‘Make’ section of YYG, I don’t think it ever will, since its not one of those things that have a good chance to come out regularly, no matter who is working on it. But best of luck anyway.

  2. I still think the reviewing system needs to be a little more harsh. He should take his show as more of a rant and not a little reviewing service. Offending the developers is not what I have in mind, though strictly indicating cons and pros is the key for this show to be a success in game reviewing. There is more to reviewing than using the sectional graphics, gameplay, sound, story and interface review types. There’s much more to game development than those attributes, same goes to reviewing. If you really want to review, you need to be much stricter.

  3. [edited since 1st one didnt show up]

    _A_ Game Maker TV could be a good idea, but I need to agree with Phil; Danny, the type of content and TOPICS that you are communicating, ‘TV’ isn’t exactly the best format for the show. It’d be cool if a ‘TV’ incorporated interviews, tutorials, Community News Gossip, etc. Videos of games and commentaries is a bit.. well, a written review might be better for that.

    Still, its a magnificent effort.

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