Prodigy GM does it all

It seems every time we turn around the Prodigy GM is creating something new and loved by millions. Who could forget the famous and widely popular GMHV? Don’t forget about there stunning Gnazine. Now it seems the PGM is here to amaze once again, as their new show officially sets sail. Apparently they decided that what their fans want is a cartoon show completely unrelated to Game Maker. This show titled “Cabarlian Castles” will feature parodies to movies, shows, and events. The first episode has a set release date before April 20, 2008. I was personally asked by the creator Nathan Hurde (Hardcoregamer, Nateistoraw) to be a voice actor on his show, you can all assume my response was a no. I think we can all expect to see great things from his upcoming show judging by his previous quality animations, and we also know he doesn’t use Windows Movie Maker; Don’t We? What’s next “Prodigy GM: The Movie”?

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  • Ah, my bad. I see you were kidding. Thank God. I thought you were one of his retarded friends or something. I’m glad to see the rest of the world hates Prodigy GM as much as I do. X3

  • “Quality animations?”
    “Loved by millions?”
    Are you kidding? Everything produced by prodigy GM is god-awful. The whole website is a sin against god and mankind.

  • […] [who I hate] has yet to post, but Danny [who I’m somehwat indifferent to] made his first post on the blog this morning, it’s about nateistoraw, who’s been lurking around on YoYo for months […]

  • Nate has still been around all this time and I didn’t know about it? O_O

    Oh, and Congratulations on getting to write for GMB, Danny. 😀

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