Game Maker Tech Issue 12

GameMaker Tech’s long anticipated 12th issue has finally been released, and it has a lot of content – 50 pages to be exact.

It has been several months since the new look issue 11 became available, so whilst I welcome the next issue of this high-quality publication I am disappointed that it has been delayed so much.

Download Issue 12 (.zip from, 6.5 MB)

Starting a Team – Part 1
Finding Ideas for Games
Visionary Sound
Video Games, Science, Politics, and Art – Part 1
Speed Breaker
Choosing Between Real and
Fantasy Environments
Choosing & Following a Theme

Retro Games: Making a Game “Old School”
Keeping Your Game Engine Flexible
Pseudo-Random Number Generation
Tutorial: 3D Real Time Strategy – Part 1
Tutorial: Draw a Digital Clock
Tutorial: Minimap
Tutorial: Pie Chart
Pixel Art Tutorial: Running Animation

Exclusive Interview: CoderChris
Exclusive Interview: Hawthorneluke
Insight Into: Spirits of Metropolis
Preview: Spirits of Metropolis
Insight Into: Sploing
Insight Into: Blazezone

Sub Terranea Online
Deep Space
Falling CJ

Interview With: Flashback
Top GMPhysics Games
Global Gamer Profile (GGP)
Free Applications
Ancient Civilisations Competition

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