Mark’s last post?

It seems that Mark’s Glog is most likely coming to a close. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing anymore post from Mark.

“We have decided to merge the general YoYo Games glog and my Game Design glog into a single glog. And we will probably get some more people to contribute such that this new glog will provide a constant stream of interesting items related to YoYo Games, game design, Game Maker and the games scene in general.”

A set date for the merge has not been said yet, however mark said “hopefully soon” so we have to wait and see.

What do you think?

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  1. Firefox fix bugs for the current edition along with planning for the long term (FF4)

    It may be open source, but there are very few people who work on the official release

  2. Nope, it’s run by people that realize that pumping out new versions of Game Maker will not ensure it’s long term success. They took the unpopular route and straight-away they invested in the long-term future (GM for Mac/C++ runner).
    Having the two blogs in one is just more convenient, to at least me. They are updated so irregularly, it can be a pain having to check them both.

  3. I very much doubt that the merging of two blogs (that are only updated twice a month at best) will mean the “shutdown of some community sites”.

    I mean, who the hell would ever use the glog as a primary GM site?

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