Game Maker Magazine Issue 4

After a much criticised third issue released in April InstantArts have returned with their fourth Game Maker Magazine.

Download GMM Issue 4 (pdf, 3.4MB)

Unlike issue 3 in which the considerably improved quality of content was overshadowed by the controversy surrounding the new design, issue 4 has a unique layout so hopefully this time around people will be more interested in the writing.

Although Game Maker Magazine have not made their circulation figures available publically they do have a graph (on page 3) showing the how the number of downloads per issue has grown which confirms the magazine is getting a larger readership. With no issues from GameMaker Tech or MarkUp recently it looks like now is GMM’s best opportunity to become a well established and popular GameMaker publication.

Contentwise there is a large variety with articles from Broxter about different methods of promoting your GameMaker creations, reviews of 6 games created in GameMaker and a bizzare 3 pages of cheats for Karoshi 2.

The information about a huge number of so called ‘Anti-Decompiler’ programs is sadly lacking in one respect – it does not provide any information on how effective each method will be. Whilst I am aware that no method is 100% secure I am sure that many of the people who read this article would want to know that kind of information.

The History of Game Maker (“GMM pointlessly go through the main stages in its development”,) is something we have seen many times before in GameMaker magzines since it is effectively a copy and paste job from the information avaliable on the YoYoGames website.

Also included in this 39 page issue is information on the benefits of upgrading to the Pro version of GameMaker, user opinions on why GM6 has remained so popular *cough* cracks *cough*, several code-heavy tutorials and an interview with Tom Grochowiak the creator of Magi (reviewed in issue 2).

There is even an apology to Game Maker Tech on page 3.

Out of context quote of the issue: “Have you been rejected by GMTech and MarkUp? Well, if you have, then apply for a place in the team for our magazine, as we will accept anyone…”

What do you think?

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  1. Leif902 – Mattthew_H did all the ‘Handy Scripts’, so I don’t know much about the stealing thing. Thanks, I worked hard on the design for this issue.

    tuntis – If he can write something decent, then, yes.

    Rusky – Yeah, lol.

    Robin Monks – I’d be delighted to accept your rejects 🙂

  2. The complete quote is: “…we will accept anyone who can write a
    decent amount of content with good quality.”
    I’m not saying that what you guys are saying isn’t completely in the right, as “good quality” is general, but it’s not too terrible of a thing to say…

  3. ummm…You see, I would not ‘EVER’ let Hardcoregamer on the GMM team, to offense to him, but his publication really sucked and he just gave up after just two issues!

  4. Is it just me or are they now copying content directly from one of the old GM magazines? (What was it called…)

    If I’m not mistaken all the “Handy Scripts” in this issue were all taken directly from an old publication, but I can’t think of its name.

    Still though, the layout looks great this month.

  5. I didn’t actully notice the “Out of context quote of the issue: “Have you been rejected by GMTech and MarkUp? Well, if you have, then apply for a place in the team for our magazine, as we will accept anyone…” at all to be honest.

    It does seem a bit…I guess I will use the word werid, but it is still some good advertising for GMT &/or MU and maybe, just maybe will get us some more writters.

    – Matt

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