After two consecutive missed release dates GMWeekly have published their 13th issue (left click only download).

“First of all, I should apologise for the absence of an issue last week. Both me and Broxter were extremely busy and it became obvious to us that we would just not be able to get an issue out. We’re sorry if we disappointed anybody, but we hope to get right back on track. Because of this, we now have a new release policy: the publication will be released on most Fridays. So, this means that some weeks (probably about one in six or seven) there will be no issue. Hopefully you agree with and understand this.
There wasn’t much news around GM last week anyway, to be honest,…”
Darren Poole, GMWeekly 13

Changing release schedules is certainly nothing new when it comes to GameMaker magazines, but GMWeekly did manage to stick to their original release dates better than any other magazine has done so previously – something that they should be proud of.

What do you think?

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  1. I agree, releasing an issue most of the weeks isn’t a simple task. Specially when you need to go through various task, like collecting info, content and then content checking.

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