Don’t make games in four hours if you stink!

Cactus: Game in Four Hours Presentation at IGS 2009Jonatan Söderström, perhaps better known as Cactus, creator of games including Ad Nauseam 2 and Clean Asia recently gave a lecture (using Game Maker) on “Four-Hour Games Design” at the Independent Games Summit.

TIGSource has an rather nice article about the presentation and as I wasn’t there I will guide you that way if you are interested.

Video of the presentation (with rather poor sound at times) has been posted on YouTube and is embedded below. You’ll want to skip to about 2 minutes 15 seconds unless you want to see Jonatan’s volume control fail.

The next page has the rest of the presentation in video form.

What do you think?

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  1. I don’t think the content of this lecture was actually that ground breaking, but hearing it come from Cactus, after religiously playing every Cactus game I can get my hands on, the words have so much more impact and influence. I was gripped by every word (and sickened by the pictures 😛 ).

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