Game Maker Tech Issue 16 Released


The 16th issue of popular Game Maker magazine GMTech has today been released.   As well as the usual code features and game reviews there is a rather interesting bunch of features. 

An exciting exclusive interview with two members of thatgamecompany is the front-page article.


Download now | Direct pdf link (5.2MB)


  • Mike Alfus examines the moral choices developers offer gamers
  • MnemonicPunk looks at how to enhance a game with cutscenes
  • Philip Gamble takes a look at Game Maker in schools
  • Avatar Relationships by David McClure
  • Broxter writes the first of a series looking at hidden Game Maker gems





  • Surfaces explained by MnemonicPunk 
  • Part 2 of Using Data Structures by Rhys Andrews (part one can be found on page 8 of issue 15)


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  1. @SunnyKatt
    Surely articles that provide some insight into improving your game creations by working on cut scenes, creating a more engaging game by developing your game in such a way that the player feels like they are the character are just as good, if not better than reviews of games that are completed.

    Not only that, but reviews are pretty simple in the case that you are just reporting on the game, whereas the features require research and understanding of the chosen subject. It would have been a lot easier to have 6 pages of reviews, than get these detailed pieces that developers can read and apply the techniques to their own game.

    That is how I see it, but thanks for providing some in depth comments on the issue as a whole. Please continue to do this as it allows us to further improve.

    @James Rhodes
    Thanks, the main design of the page layout was down to Tim and he further improved it this issue. I worked on adding backgrounds that relating to the pages as well as working on putting together the front cover. It is a team effort to try and get the issue looking as good as possible.

    If you want to write, whether it is as part of the team or just doing some freelance work then just email me or post on the GMTech forum. We are always happy to hear from people interested and then we can discuss the best way to go about getting your content in the issue.

    Thanks for your positive comments, please keep them coming.

    As for the link in Phil’s blog, that was my fault, I was meant to change it however I was too busy replying to emails. So, sorry about that.

  2. Yep. Mmmhhmmmm, that was as good as I was expecting, if not better. *Sigh* I already write for three things, a fourth might do me in but…. it would be awesome to write for GMTech.

    BTW, I had a take home exam to do today, the temptation to let it slide and read this was almost unbearable. I have another paper to write tommorow. If kwiklook or markup come out tommorow it could very well spell fail on my uni grades 😛

  3. I think I’d rather the magazine have many more reviews rather than a bunch of theoretical articles. I think they’re just fluffing the magazine up without adding content that I find worthwhile info.

    That’s my opinion, mind. 😉

    Otherwise, it’s looking nice.

  4. That’s a very refreshing issue. It has a pro look and good selection about the cover, fits with the summer period. I can say it’s contents are clear and not frustrating to read them, they keep you interested to read them. As a reader, I would like more tutorials in the future, based more of how to start make games more efficiently. 🙂

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