NAL launches Rekame Mag

Andrew McCluskey starts his Rekame Mag (Game Maker spelt-backwards) with a good summary of publications past and present and outlines his plans for a “fun” magazine rather than one that will stick to a stringent release schedule.

Can I have my eyes back now please Andrew?

Once you make it past the red on blue cover the content consists of four game reviews, an interview with former Overbyte editor Greyson Wright in which he reveals that he is working on the return of Overbyte in website form, articles on originality, keeping games child-safe and some moderation advice.

NAL also includes another Game Maker cryptic crossword, this one featuring the names/team names/aliases of Game Maker developers and a re-wording of Ozzy Osbourne’s Hellraiser lyrics.

A couple of things didn’t read quite right in the opening article but other than that it was thoroughly enjoyable.

Download 4.6MB (left click only)

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