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  • Following the recent addition of 2TB of extra disk space to the YoYo Games servers some community members reported experienceing problems with Instant Play on certain games.  Russell Kay rolled the server back to its previous configuration which is “dangerously low on disk space“.  If you can’t get games to work using Instant Play the suggestion given is to clear your Instant Play cache, which is the YoYoGames directory located under Documents.
  • Bob Hoil has founded a site that offers free blog hosting to Game Maker users. GM-Press. Currently I don’t see how this is any different from any other free blog hosting site but I expect if it grows there may be some community features added.
  • Greyson has decided to stop producing Overbyte magazine. Jack Brockley has indicated that he would like to continue running the publication in the future though it is not clear if it will be in its current form.  Edit: Just noticed that Rebecca Clare Smith has written a post which throws some light on the situation.

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