Recently Featured: Globules, Sync Simple and The Ultra Mission

Our latest look at games that have recently been featured at  The three games looked at today, Globules, Sync Simple and The Ultra Mission are all very different and all enjoyable.

Globules by True Valhalla


Globules is a strategy tower defence style game which sets two players against each other as they build colonies in space.   Through harvesting resources build-up credits to construct attacking and defensive facilities and try to wipe your opponent’s settlement from space.  Special attacks are available after a certain time period.

A review on YoYo Games lists “Time consuming” and “Hard to win” as two of the cons of this game.  It’s supposed to be a challenge its a strategy game!  Playing on medium difficulty I lost my first game but managed to win the next four I played after learning how the game works.

My one criticism of the otherwise good AI is that it can construct resources quicker than you physically can move and click the mouse (unless there are keyboard shortcuts to construct each facility which I didn’t find).

LAN and online multiplayer is supported but I have not tested these.

Simple Sync
Simple Sync

Sync Simple by p200031

Move left and right as you rapidly fly through a tunnel of pacman-style aliens in this 3D-style colourful world.

Power-ups and power-downs can be collected which alter the strength of your weapon (Z) as you weave around monsters and the bullets they fire.

It may take you a couple of attempts to get into the swing of things but once you have got the hang of it you should be able to play yourself through several levels pretty quickly. If the menu doesn’t make you sea sick. My top score so far is 54,780.

Ultra Mission by Cactus
Ultra Mission by Cactus

The Ultra Mission by cactus

This resolution-changing arcade game consists of maze puzzles from which civilians being held captive must be rescued.  Along the way there are obstacles such as walls, guards and automated turrets which must be avoided or destroyed.

To complete a level you must avoid getting killed, avoid killing any of the civilians and must ‘collect’ every civilian who will then be safe.

You have at your disposal a machine gun (left click) and the ability to launch powerful missiles (right click).  It is well worth knowing that you can blast through what might appear to be an outside wall and walk around the world re-entering elsewhere.

Pretty fun if a little hard.  The only criticism the game has received on YoYo Games is that people thought it was too short!

What do you think?

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    • Ah, thanks for that – will make it easier for future reference.

      I would like to see some additional ‘towers’ and perhaps upgrade levels to improve existing buildings. How about the ability to create a ship that will go up to your opponents base and attack it?

      Another small thing – when you are hosting a game perhaps your IP address could be printed on screen so that you can give it to your opponent without having to look it up elsewere.

      Globules is probably my favourite of the three games featured here.

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