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Game Maker Community member beeproductions has released a “first issue demo” of a magazine titled Game Maker Time (view PDF).

Explaining the reason for deciding to launch another Game Maker magazine beeproductions writes:

“After reading other issues released by other GMC members I started to realize that we actually need a good issue. Not 20 issues where you can find the old very well known news and to contain 4 little pages and a total of 200 words. I promise that in this issue you will find a very well structured content and some really good articles that I’m sure that will get your interest.”

The content has clearly been written by someone to whom English is not their first language but to be honest the quality of writing is better than that found in many other publications aimed at similar readers.

The theme of the issue is Retro Games and the magazine contains a very brief history of ancient games and some incredibly short ‘reviews’ (in reality more like ‘spotlights’) of 3 retro-themed Game Maker games. No download links though.

There is code for a drag and drop inventory system and links to some photoshop video tutorials which aren’t retro-related and seem out of place.

The fifth page is titled ‘Retro Interview’ but to me appears to contain no text – perhaps this is all part of the ‘demo’ release!? Hopefully it will be proofread by the final release.

Despite the introduction promising something different I thought the magazine was pretty average at best – though thankfully it stuck to its promise of to avoid the plague of weeks old Game Maker news.

What do you think?

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