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Tower 3 by orse ost e7 o

What starts off as a peaceful valley scene doesn’t last long.  In Tower 3 the tranquil highlands have been transformed into a war zone as you must defend your side of the valley from a variety of incoming tanks and later aircraft.

As the sun blazes down you set to work building a tower from 9 constituent components.  Each block has a different property – some are simply dumb obstacles which can be built upon or laid in the path of advancing invaders, others generate the resources necessery to further expand your base whilst the most important fire a variety of missiles towards those incoming baddies.

Tower 3 is a tower defense/defend the castle game with a huge building range, you can practically fill the game room with blocks given enough time and willpower to do so.  To place a block you must click the type you require then hold and drag your mouse to where you want to drop it.  Once you have chosen to buy a block you can’t change your mind and must drop it (though rather surprisingly blocks can be sold by right clicking on them).

Tower 3

At the start there are gaps between the swarms of invading tank-type vehicles but later on you are exposed to a much wider variety of enemies coming in a constant stream, including those which can attack from the sky.  Make use of the early calm to build advance powerblocks as soon as you can so that you can afford to create a large tower structure before the rush.

You won’t loose through lack of funds to construct new blocks.  Money is no object once you have installed a small collection of advance power blocks which each generate 5 credits a second –  what will kill you is the physical challenge of  clicking fast enough to be able to build blocks at a good enough pace to replenish those that are destroyed.

Since your bank balance can’t exceed 200 (apart for momentary flickers of 201) stockpiling funds is not an option, if you don’t spend straight away the money you continue to generate is wasted.

There are a few little niggles which let the game down.  Pressing ‘menu’ from within the game exits your current game immediately without first presenting you with an options menu.  Loosing results in an ugly Game Maker default “All blocks have been destroys. You lose” [sic] message being displayed.

There are varying levels of difficulty as well as a couple of mini-games where your construction options are limited to building either only shooting or utility blocks.

It’s well-worth a play but Tower 3 would definitely benefit from more development time.

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