Recent GMC Improvements

Over the past couple of weeks there have been several low key, but beneficial, changes made at the Game Maker Community.

  • Takagi created a pinned topic in the Work in Progress section of the forum in which a brief description and screenshots of upcoming projects can be posted. The topic is not meant for discussion of games but provides a nice showcase of some of the games currently being developed using Game Maker.
  • The member group banners which appear under the avatar and member title of each poster have finally been fixed.  These have been absent for 4 months(!) since the forum theme was YoYo Games-ified.
  • Minor forum theme changes.
  • GMC Cage Matches may be returning.  xot writes that the weekly feature in which two Game Maker games are pitted up against each other “is almost certainly coming back”.
  • Newly promoted administrators FredFredrickson and xot have implemented many of the above changes.   There have also been other minor changes and fixes, full details can be seen in this topic.

What do you think?

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