Game Maker Games on Android?

AndroidA recent topic at the Game Maker Community asks whether “Yoyogames had put any thought into developing a port for Android”.  Thought, definitely.  Work, no idea.

After iOS Android is the next logical step, and YoYo Games aren’t exactly hiding their intentions.

  • In a tweet from his now deleted Twitter account Sandy Duncan wrote “If we can get it to work on iPhone, then Android will be a quick port”. (Jan 2010)
  • In GMIndie’s second podcast (May 2010) Sandy mentioned the possibilities of getting Game Maker games to run on Android, iPhone and also Windows 7 Mobile.
  • Sandy Duncan’s LinkedIn profile contains the following sentence: “We have now begun to roll out an aggressive strategy to become the World’s most prolific publisher of Handheld Games, focusing on PSP, iPhone and Android based devices.”

In the second quarter of this year sales of Android based phones outstripped the figure for Apple devices.

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