HTML5 Game Maker: YoYo Games Release Video

YoYo Games have sprung a surprise with the release of the above video this evening which demonstrates a browser based version of Poker Squares.

The port, which makes use of HTML5 and JavaScript technologies, will enable Game Maker games to be ported to a format in which they are truly playable online without the need for end-users to install any additional software.

The Construct game creation tool recently announced that the next version of their software would primarily export to HTML5 a format which can be used on devices such that run iOS and Android as well as on traditional computers regardless of their operating system.

In the comments that followed that article James Garner revealed he would be working on a Game Maker to HTML5 exporter. This video may result in the project being scrapped although YoYo Games have yet to announce whether the technology will become available to all Game Maker users.

What do you think?

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  1. @ Chioke – No.

    @ Maverick22 – Good for you. Nobody else cares or wants to hear your whining, especially since you got your figures wrong – they get 35%, you get 35%, Apple/Google gets 30%.

    • mcoot, I happen to believe that Maverick has a completely valid concern. His percentage was wrong, yes, but he’s still a YYG customer and he said he was changing what he was using. That means YYG just lost money and you’re saying no one cares.

  2. I don’t get excited when YoYo announces new products anymore. I am moving to different product because of their insane policy of having to let them convert your game to the other platforms and publish it. You spend months developing a game and they get to decide whether you get to publish it? And for that luxury, they share 30% with you. No thanks.

  3. I know this is the wrong thread but the thread for it is dead and im trying to get into my OWN game that i forgot to save the .gmk file and only have the .exe. file. Can anyone leave me a link to download the decomplier. I really am going thru my own game, so plz

  4. Wow, this looks amazing. It worries me, however, that behind all of these seamlessly simple ports is a ton of time, frustration, and trial and error. I hope Yoyogames makes porting to each respective platform very streamlined rather than focusing on adding to the list of possible platforms to run on.

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