HTML5 GameMaker to have “Team Collaboration Feature”

HTML5 GameMakerThe HTML5 GameMaker page on the new YoYo Games website has recently been expanded to provide additional information about what will be the next new version of the software to be released.

The page lists the following two features as being unique to the HTML5 version which I believe were not yet public knowledge:

  • GameMaker Team collaboration feature
  • The ability to call external JavaScript libraries

What do you think?

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  1. Small post. Could have waited till something else is announced.

    A thing to wonder about is if ‘collaboration feature’ will be implemented through connection between computers (thus depend on actual connection), or a file(s) on a remote host (subversioning?).

    External JS libraries would extend possibilities of game creations, however its a question if (and how) they will be able to interact with GM’s canvas. Also this would draw the HTML5 GM games [nearly] entirely incompatible with normal GM games.

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