Magazines: Overbyte Returns with 4th Issue

Overbyte Issue 4The Overbyte GameMaker magazine has returned after 14 months absence because editor RC “miss[ed] writing things that people will actually read and hopefully enjoy”.

> Download Overbyte 4 (left click only)

The magazine starts with an “obligatory news” section which briefly covers the relaunch of both the YoYo Games website and Game Maker’s Digest magazine.  Tips to keep motivated then suggests some ways you can help improve the chances of finishing game development projects.

In Does the community really support GM RC looks at complaints from some members of the YoYo Games Forums.  Apparently there was a petition against YoYo Games’ intention to restrict GameMaker game uploads to later versions of the software on the new site.  The article dismisses these complaints and the line  “YoYo Games reserves the right to run their business anyway they choose” made me giggle.

Also covered is the proposed nD handheld gaming console and the results of RC’s 2D Game Marketing Survey.

There is an interview with Connor “Time” Ullmann, Daniel Remar writes about the making of Hero Core  and there are one-page reviews of Tectoccular, Narrow and Squirrels With Machine Guns.

I was surprised to see a couple of readers criticise the, in their opinion, lack of spacing  in the magazine as I thought this was fine.

There were a few grammar niggles but overall the issue is very good.  Nice to have a new issue of one of the “fun” GameMaker magazines.  Download it now.


Previous Issues:  Overbyte 1, Overbyte 2, Overbyte 3

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