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    Forager – An Amazing Symphony of Exploration and Progress

    When it comes to reviewing the enchanting world of Forager, one cannot simply jot down a series of bullet points or a checklist of features. Instead, let’s embark on an uplifting journey that mirrors the game’s spirit of exploration, discovery, and wonder. Picture yourself in a vast art gallery, each canvas brimming with vibrant colors, […] More

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    Three word book reviews

    Well actually slightly more than that. 9 words, I lied. When choosing the books Beginning 3D Game Programming: Yeahy! Sounds cool. Agile Software Development: The next best. After a quick flick through Beginning 3D Game Programming: ehh? Really? Hmm… Agile Software Development: Management waffle. Heavy. After a longer read Beginning 3D Game Programming: Not for […] More