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If you’re wondering why there haven’t been as many updates or long posts recently it’s because I am currently (no, not as I type) sitting some exams.

When I have some free time I will work some more on the GMAS and on writing some longer articles and reviews for gamemakerblog and MarkUp.

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  1. Phil Gamble says:


  2. Jassinc says:

    IE is a biatch.

  3. Phil Gamble says:

    Oh yes, for some reason each successive reply moves further and further left in IE. Not very good considering my topic about cross browser compatability. It seems to do it for all replies to all posts – I’m not sure if it has been doing this since the design was installed.

  4. Phil Gamble says:

    The reply numbers all show fine for me

  5. Grego says:

    Phil, have you noticed that the reply number on the left is cut off? You might want to fix that…

  6. Eyas says:

    Numbers edges are cut out from the left in IE7, and probably IE6 as well.

  7. Phil Gamble says:

    Oooooh, I get you.
    Kind of.

    Grego’s younger than me. That’s the point I was trying to make.

  8. Phil Gamble says:

    Hmmm, don’t get where that one is coming from. The blog certainly has readers but writing posts takes time which I have a more important use for right now. Yes writing this takes time, but not as long as writing a post.

  9. Eyas says:

    Nope, you misunderstood me.

    When you said “who you callin’ young”, it sounded as if you assumed that there were no one whom he is referring to except you. While the truth is, there are many young readers reading the blog.

    .. if that makes any sense

  10. Eyas says:

    Young readers.

    You’re basically saying your blog has no readers 😛

  11. Phil Gamble says:

    Who you callin’ young lol? 😉

  12. Grego says:

    How lazy! I’ve been doing exams for over a week now and Public Life is still being updated regularly.

    …but that’s because I’m a bad boy who doesn’t revise. Don’t follow my lead, young ones. You’ll regret it 😀

  13. Phil Gamble says:

    This 😛 is rubbish 🙁

  14. Phil Gamble says:

    Just like Mark 😛

  15. Jassinc says:

    How dare you not have time! You’re a rip-off. Just Greedy! 😛

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