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on August 30, 2007 - 2528 Views

The guy behind GMHV posts at the GMC offering to record sounds for people, fair enough – but get this – he will only do it in exchange for registration at this forum and making five posts.

This request is priceless, and if this person hadn’t suggested it I would have suggested something similar! (Repeated below in case post is deleted).

can you do this line” The GMTV is gay”. I am making a game called FLAME WAR.

He even messaged me on MSN trying to get me to go and bump his post….

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5 Responses to Recording for posts

  1. Nateistoraw says:

    Im sorry, I have canceled the recordings for post.

  2. Mememe says:

    I bet there are many others who would agree to do some voice recording for free. Also, some of them are at least have the experience, and know what they are doing.

  3. Nateistoraw says:

    LOL, I am going to change that policy, but I still want a copy of the game 1st and credits.

  4. Rusky says:

    nateistoraw needs to grow up.

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